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Dance Vader

On January 1st 2000, legendary acoustic covers trio DANCE VADER were put into suspended animation with the plan to thaw them out in a thousand years. The idea behind the project ‘Diet Coke Break’ was to capture a living time capsule of the musical era that was the 90’s and aid the generations of a future world in understanding the music of the last decade of the 20th century.

Unfortunately, in 2023, following an unrelenting rise in energy bills, Umbrella Corporation pulled the plug out and binned the project after receiving a monthly bill of £780,876 from British Gas.

Lost in a time that doesn’t understand them, their only escape to keep their sanity is through music! 

Catch DANCE VADER playing songs like the 90s never ended in a venue near you soon!

Scully - Vocals
Zeus - Guitar
The Real Seb Cole - Keys/Backing Vocals

‘The 90’s rang and want Dance Vader back.’
Jeff next door

‘It’s like finding an old CD copy of ‘Now That’s What I Call Music 35’ in your attic and wondering why you put it up there.’
David Dickinson

‘They play Fresh Prince? Nah thanks.’
Chris Rock